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Bedtime begging: how to fix

Sudden Bursts of Bedtime Creativity If you’re a parent of young children, you have probably heard some version of the bedtime begging. Classic examples include “I have to go pee!” or “Can I have a glass of water?” Many children get more creative, and suddenly develop an allergy to the colour of their blanket, or… Continue reading Bedtime begging: how to fix

Cooperation and compliance

Separation Anxiety: A Behavioural Strategy

Something amazing happened in my house this morning, and I can’t stop talking about it. It’s very personal, but it’s also connected to Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) in an important way. I am a mother of two little sons, and since I’ve started working more irregular hours, their separation anxiety has been going through the… Continue reading Separation Anxiety: A Behavioural Strategy

Cooperation and compliance

Is it time to call a behaviour consultant?

  What does a behaviour consultant do? Good question. Not one that most people could answer. It’s an emerging field, and it’s only recently that Board Certified Behaviour Therapists (BCBAs) have become relatively easy to find in Canada and the United States. Behaviour therapists work in prisons, hospitals, schools, and even as consultants to corporations.… Continue reading Is it time to call a behaviour consultant?

Cooperation and compliance

“Sticky Situations” Problem-Solving Game

Good verbal skills, interested in a variety of types of independent play, gets along pretty well with other children until suddenly, he doesn’t. Sound familiar? Toys flying against the wall, projects ripped up, other children running for cover. Many parents and teachers have not heard of the phrase “executive functional skills” but they notice that… Continue reading “Sticky Situations” Problem-Solving Game

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Behaviour Skills Training (BST)

Behaviour Skill Training. When I first read a description of this training technique in my textbook, I shrugged. Yeah, sure, of course, you describe a skill, then model it, then rehearse in a practice setting, then try it out live with feedback. What kind of idiot doesn’t do that? In my youthful arrogance, it didn’t… Continue reading Behaviour Skills Training (BST)