Hi, I’m Amelia.

I am a trained teacher (B.Ed), I have a Master’s degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis, and a I am a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA).

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your child’s

  • explosive temper
  • aggressive behaviour
  • defiance and refusal

I’m here to help. Together, we can..

Map out where you are, and what you would like your family to become.

Find ways to make life sweeter and simpler.

Set goals, measure your progress, and celebrate them with your family.

Discover new tools so that you can manage frustrating situations and make life easier.

Here’s my story:

I’d been a teacher and a behaviour therapist for years, but my job as a mother was harder than I ever imagined.

The usual advice didn’t seem to fit my child. I thought I had mastered the behaviour basics: consistency, boundaries, rewards and consequences, but my child still wasn’t following instructions or cooperating. We kept getting stuck battling through power struggles. I dreaded hearing about my son’s latest outburst at daycare and school pick-up time. Nothing seemed to help. I wanted my child to learn kindness and empathy, but he just seemed angry.

I felt like a failure. I wasn’t enjoying the time I spent at home, because at any moment, a little problem could spin out into a major disaster. I wanted to feel in control, but more importantly, I wanted my children to make good choices and find their way in the world.

I needed to stop feeling like I was at war with my own child. I needed a way to escape those fights that seem to spiral until I was swept away in emotion and frustration. I needed some peace and cooperation. I needed a way to teach my child so that he could learn and get better, instead of running into the same ugly consequences over and over again.

Everything changed when I realized what the missing ingredient was. It felt as if we were finally “getting connected.”

When I learned how to get connected, I discovered that I could enjoy each day with so many more kind words, jokes, and cuddles. I saw my child develop more self-control and problem-solving skills. I heard more positive words spoken in our home, instead of threats and complaints.  I felt calmer. I felt proud.

If you feel stuck in the same pattern of punishment and frustration, and your child doesn’t seem to learn in the usual way, I can help.

If you are tired of yelling and threatening, let’s work together to help you 

p.s. when I’m not thinking about families and behaviour,

I love getting creative and sharing my ideas in the form of illustrations.

Here’s one of the first pieces I created for parents: it’s a map of Parenthood.

If you’re feeling lost, I hope we can work together, so you can get where you need to go.

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