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We are all still here.”

I remember these words to challenge me to be thankful for each day we have together, and to help me get ready to make each day better than the last.

–Amelia Bowler

Hello! I’m Amelia

Board Certified Behaviour Analyst

I used to be one of those kids. You know, the kid who never finishes homework, and always seems to be in some of kind of trouble. No one was sure how to help me, so I decided I would have to grow up and figure it out myself. I became a teacher, and achieved a graduate degree in Applied Behavior Analysis.

As I studied, I learned how to take complex skills and make them easy to learn.

Meanwhile, I grew up, and became one of those mothers. You know, the kind of mother who Googles desperately and wonders what is wrong with her. I tried to use all the usual advice (rewards, consequences, boundaries) and quickly learned that some families need more than just the usual advice. I read more books, took more courses, and experimented until I realized what I was missing.

I found out which skills help children learn “the easy way” instead of getting into trouble over and over. I developed simple and light-hearted activities to help children build those skills, and to help parents teach without miserable power struggles.

My Approach & Values

“And while this may be hard to believe, most challenging kids already want to behave the right way. They don’t need us to continue giving them stickers, depriving them of recess, or suspending them from school; they’re already motivated. They need something else from us.” — Dr. Ross Greene

To help children meet expectations, we must first understand the “why” of their behaviour. When we are curious and compassionate, we can help them meet their needs in a healthier way. We can do more than just teach compliance; we can help children become compassionate and confident problem-solvers.

My Experience

  • Classroom teacher (typical and special needs)
  • Senior therapy (early intensive ABA therapy)
  • Behaviour consultation (home and school)

My Education

  • Bachelor of Education
  • Master of Applied Disability Studies
  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst
  • Ongoing professional development

Personal Statement re: Applied Behaviour Analysis and Neurodiversity

Above all, I value humility. To me, that means being ready to listen to and uplift the voices of people who are sometimes overlooked in our culture. Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is a field whose practices continue to be shaped by our culture. I consider myself to be part of a group of clinicians who are committed to practicing in a way that is trauma-informed, anti-racist and anti-ableist. For me, this includes being respectful of neurodiverse ways of being, and conscious of my own biases and limitations. Sometimes this means speaking up about practices that are harmful and coercive. I will continue to listen and adapt as I learn more. My goal as a clinician is not to shape behaviour toward a “norm” but to ensure that every individual can get their needs met with respect and dignity, regardless of age or diagnosis.

Contact Me

Toronto, Ontario, Canada