Is this you?

If you see yourself snapping at your loved ones, doubting your abilities as a parent, dreading the same inevitable arguments and escalations each day, and wondering how you are ever going to get through this jungle, you will need a clear map to find your way out.

Every family is different, and no two behaviour plans are exactly alike, but the purpose is almost always the same: escaping from chaos and conflict, and finding those hacks that help you glide though the hardest parts of their day.

When the daily craziness is minimized, there is so much more room for love, sweetness, learning and wholeness in families. It’s my mission to get you there, using the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis.

I’m Amelia.

I’m a goofy mother, a passionate mentor, and relentlessly curious nerd.

As a child, I was obsessed with two things: logic puzzles and drawing. I became a teacher, then a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, and I have somehow found a way to combine all of those gifts.

I decode challenging behaviour, I design and teach evidence-based, real-world solutions, and then I create beautiful visuals to help families actually put those new skills to work.

The backstory: I was diagnosed as gifted when I was a child, and labelled “forgetful.” These days, they would probably call it something else, such as ADHD-inattentive type. I muddled through, and struggled with social skills, organization, and academic achievement. At an early age, I decided to be a teacher, so I could help other children like me.

Fast forward to the end of my academic career, and nothing had changed. I was underachieving, distracted, and skeptical about my prospects as a teacher. I didn’t see any significant change in my own abilities. I saw the way students with special needs were still being left behind. I hadn’t found what I needed to see real behaviour change in myself or others.

Everything changed when I found Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). I learned how to use ABA to teach children who could not speak, and helped them discover to communicate, play and connect. I fell in love with the science, because it seemed so magical (if scientists could use ABA to teach pigeons to play ping-pong, then surely it could do anything, including teaching me how to get my act together and overcome my humiliating and expensive “forgetfulness.”)

I went back to school, took more courses in behaviour and psychology to improve my grade point average, and started to get connected with other behaviorists. I earned a Master’s degree and passed the notoriously difficult exam to become a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst.


  • I use my understanding of behaviour to find the focus, perseverance and achievement that I had always been missing, so I can share my gifts with others.
  • I help families who are trapped in exhausting patterns, struggling because the usual methods of teaching are not working for them. I
  • I use Applied Behaviour Analysis to take complex and persistent problems, and break them down into managable, realistic goals, and watch the transformation happen.