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Hi there! I’m Amelia. I’m a teacher, with a Master’s degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis, and I’m also a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst. I specialize in helping parents overcome tough behaviour challenges so they can connect with their children and enjoy being a family again.

Here’s how to get in touch:

1) Fill in your name and e-mail address
2) Choose a time that works for you
3) Talk with me about your biggest challenges
4) Start your journey to become the parent your child needs

Do you need behaviour help for your school, parent group, nanny group, daycare or camp staff?

Gather your team, and send me your biggest behaviour concerns. I’d be happy to provide customized workshops and training sessions, and equip your team handle tough behaviour with confidence. Just fill in the form, and we can book a time to talk!

Don’t have a medical diagnosis or referral?

No diagnosis is necessary. Applied behaviour analysis works well for for most typical children, as well as those with autism, ADHD, and other developmental disorders.

I can also be found on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Psychology Today.