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If you’re feeling lost as a parent, welcome! We’re all finding our way, and each stage has its own adventures. Here’s how this blog can help at each step along the way…

Right now, you might just be feeling like you’re in survival-mode. You’re battling obstacles just to cover the basics, like feeding the kids, taking them to school, or put them to bed.

This isn’t what you pictured when you first held your little one. You expected tantrums but not back-to-back meltdowns. You expected power struggles, but not threats and desperate bribes. You lie in bed each morning, getting your “nice-mom” face on, wondering how long it will last.

#youarehere ameliabehaviour Creative Connected Parenting


It’s okay. We are all a work in progress. Your child needs extra help to cope, and so do you. The fact that you’re looking and trying makes you pretty awesome.

If you want to read about the dark, scary moments, and learn more about how to assess the problem you’re having, look for this tag: #youarehere

If we want to get better, first we have to look around at where we are. We have to decide what we want to keep, and what we want to let go.

#imaginesomethingbetter Creative Connected Parenting

Then we #imaginesomethingbetter

When you became a parent, you had an idea of what it would be like. You thought about the values you grew up with, and you chose the values you wanted to pass on to your children. You had strengths and passions you wanted to bring to your parenting experience. It’s important to hold on to that vision. Your child might not be exactly who you imagined, but you had a certain kind of relationship in mind. There’s a certain kind of parent you wanted to be.

In order to move out of this stage, we must clearly picture where we want to go. When we think of what we want to get rid of, we must decide what we want to see instead. When you want to read about setting goals and choosing values, watch for the tag #imaginesomethingbetter

So we prepare to start a journey toward this better place, and it’s not going to be easy. On the way, we need our family members to be encouraged, and to keep them close. Before we take on any big challenges, there’s one more thing to do.

#makelifesweeter Creative Connected Parenting


There’s always an opportunity to make life sweeter, to add some kindness, or just have fun together. When you feel trapped in an exhausting pattern, some random acts of kindness can brighten your day and even repair the damage. Look out for this tag when you want to just feel more connected, and when you’re preparing to make a difficult change.

#celebrateprogress Creative Connected Parenting

Time to take some big steps. Now you’re packed. You know where you are, you know where you want to go, and you have strengthened your bonds as a family. You are ready to take on some challenges, so as you walk, you need to #celebrateprogress.

We need to measure how far we’ve come, and notice how much closer we are to our goals. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s good to assess every single day. What were the wins? What do we need to keep trying? What do we need to fix? To discover more about how to track changes and celebrate success, look for the tag #celebrateprogress. This process will keep you motivated and on track.

#newtools Creative Connected Parenting

On your way, you will be facing new challenges, so you will need #newtools to overcome them. This part of the blog is all about strategies and techniques. These tools will help you cope as a parent, and empower you to give your child new skills and opportunities. When you feel stuck and you are facing an impossible barrier, look out for #newtools to help you scale it.

These tags represent your path to becoming the parent your child needs you to be.

  • Look at where you are. #youarehere
  • Decide as a family where you want to be instead. #imaginesomethingbetter
  • Choose to prioritize kindness and generosity. #makelifesweeter
  • Take big steps, notice the transformation and celebrate the wins. #celebrateprogress
  • Grow and develop new ways of handling tough situations. #newtools

If you are looking for a guide on this path, let’s connect. I can’t wait to show you the resources I’m creating, and if you want to be the first to see them, I’ll send you the first peek!